How A Strong Omnichannel Can Boost Loyalty

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Most would agree that seamless shopping experience across all channels is ideal. With omnichannel being the new industry order in retail world, brands are actively moving towards the adoption of the multi-faceted approach to get closer to the customer and…

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Top 5 Post-purchase Engagement Emails

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It’s very easy to make a mistake of overlooking the importance of post-purchase customer emails and fall in the trap of using a default (what I call – “boring”) email sequence. Customers are most likely to engage with you post-purchase…

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When Are You Done With Your Customer?

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The answer to this is – Never. And definitely not when simple logic dictates that you are. When does it dictate that? After the purchase. But you’re not done, you’re just at the beginning of what marketers call a “post-purchase…

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How to Timely Deliver on Online Orders

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Yesterday, I posted a clear & simple question on Quora – “What do online shoppers expect from online retailers?”, and asked to answer fellow Quorans. Evidently, didn’t receive dazzling amount of answers, but that’s beside the point. I noticed an…

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