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Sam Villa is an online platform offering free education & ergonomic styling tools for professional stylists as well as consumers who love to treat their hair.

Sam Villa is a world-class award-winning hairdresser and stylist with 30 years of teaching experience in the field. Sam teaches at international and domestic trade shows and in-salon programs where his progressive teaching approach enables stylists to absorb new techniques quickly and for practical use in the salon. Sam is also a CO-Founder of Sam Villa® brand and he offers educational series on along with his Sam Villa Signature Series tools – variety of professional brushes, combs, thermal tools and shears.

The challenge

Company was facing the challenge of sending automated shipment information. After shipping orders there was no way to inform the customers on updated shipping information which in turn was causing large numbers of “Where is my package” queries through company’s communication channels. “Our customers were not receiving emails where they were able to track their order information once the order had shipped. This was generating a large number of customer queries of customers wanting to know when they would receive their order.” – Says Oliver Page, Inbound Marketing Consultant at FJ Solutions.


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Boosting customer experience with Packpin

Sam Villa team decided to do something about their post-purchase journey and after researching alternatives, Oliver and his marketing team turned to Packpin and the decision was clear, “Due to the ease of setup, and the excellent support,” said Oliver. “Every time we have had a query they have responded to us quickly and efficiently.
Sam Villa offers large QA format support center along with 24/7 live support on their online shop. Sam Villa website additionally provides localized contact information for different regions. Nonetheless, providing additional marketing content between purchase & delivery of the order has led to over 62% decline in customer support calls to the Sam Villa and saving company operations costs every month. “Packpin helped us reduce Customer Service calls from customers wanting to know what shipping status their order was in, and when they would receive it from the carrier,” said Oliver. “Packpin integrates easily with your order and shipping management system, and triggers customizable emails according to the shipping status, including an individual tracking link to your shop. Customers just click on the tracking link in the email, and can see on your shop’s tracking page the current status of their order – In Transit , Out for Delivery, etc.”

“Packpin helped us reduce Customer Service contacts from customers wanting to know what shipping status their order was in, and when they would receive it from the carrier.” Oliver Page, Marketing Consultant at SAM VILLA

Packpin’s post-purchase platform is ideal for Sam Villa, as it opens up marketing opportunities that were previously unexplored and all of that is tied to a simple notion of keeping customers in the know. Our Marketing automation from “buy” button to last mile delivery allows Sam Villa to notify consumers at the right time throughout their package journey. The new post-purchase funnel helps them streamline the customer journey and make it transparent, where customers don’t have to dial support line every time they need to know when they will receive their order.  

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