Online Retailers: Secure A Second Sale

Online Retailers: Secure A Second Sale

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You might be wondering why it is important to secure a second order with a new customer right after their first buy. Well, 69% of a customer’s first year expenditure comes within their first 30 days as a customer. So, it is crucial to ensure a repeat purchase with a new customer in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Remember! You got 30 days.

Profit in business comes from repeat customers that bring friends with them – W. Edwards Deming


You made it! You got yet another new subscriber who made their first order on your eShop. Job, well done! However, only 32% of customers place a second order in their first year as a customer. But how do you leverage that to your advantage? what do you do next if you are committed to converting one-time buyers to returning customers? – Post-purchase customer experience.

Post-purchase experience is not all about sending email campaigns with discount coupons for the next order. It’s not just about your customer support effectiveness in times of shipment delay either. These are basics and should be in place by default. Yet, one of the key ingredients that drive your customers back to your eShop is Cross-sell items. 

How it works… (how I did it)

I, myself, own a Magento webshop, and I’m using an extension that provides shipment tracking on-site (No third-party carrier websites). The solution is available on various major e-commerce platforms as well, but check yours to make sure it’s supported.

Implementing all-in-one post-purchase marketing solution

  • I have set up automated emails that are sent to customers per shipment status update.
  • When emails are opened, my email CTA drives traffic back to my eShop.
  • Once my customers are on-site reviewing the shipment status, extension widget displays not only the parcel tracking info, but cross-selling items to the returning visitors.

The great thing about the cross-selling banner is that it displays relevant selection of products per customer, based on their previous purchase. So, everything is personalized.

Another big advantage of this extension widget – once it’s installed it can merge with the existing design of your e-commerce website, so design structure and flow doesn’t break. It sits well with your theme making it pleasing to the eye.


One of the best ways of engaging the customer in a conversation is getting a valuable feedback while their order is being delivered. Very often problems are uncovered at the time of parcel delivery and that’s why it’s best to watch closely the customer behavior. Document the feedback data and further use the information to improve the service and customer experience. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you keep learning and stay on top of your game.

This post-purchase marketing solution gives you a solid ground to approach a customer in a relevant manner, draw their attention to what’s important to them (the shipment) and expose them to other customized content that could potentially be useful for them (cross-selling banner). Of course not all customers will place a second order right away, but the ones that do, will potentially become your top customers. The top 1% of customers are worth 18 times more than the average customer. Now, get out there and make sure you leverage the power of post-purchase marketing, so that it’s a win-win for both parties involved.

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