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E-commerce plugins: Nice-To-Have vs. Crucial Revenue Stream

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  Where decision-making could be failing us and the opportunities that online retailers (still) haven’t realized. When it comes to adding extra functionality to our online shop (or when it comes to any purchase decision, really), we all face that…

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Top 5 Post-purchase Engagement Emails

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It’s very easy to make a mistake of overlooking the importance of post-purchase customer emails and fall in the trap of using a default (what I call – “boring”) email sequence. Customers are most likely to engage with you post-purchase…

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When Are You Done With Your Customer?

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The answer to this is – Never. And definitely not when simple logic dictates that you are. When does it dictate that? After the purchase. But you’re not done, you’re just at the beginning of what marketers call a “post-purchase…

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